Can we do roaming?

With all Netspeed Mobile plans you can freely roam in 106 destinations worldwide without any worries*. Take your Netspeed mobile phone overseas just like you would at home.

The minutes and texts that are part of a mobile plan (aka in-bundle allowance) only cover calling within NZ to local and mobile phones in New Zealand and Australia. When roaming in a daily roaming country if you make an outgoing call to NZ and Australia these call minutes are counted towards the in-bundle allowance.

For a daily fee, per device, use your mobile plan inclusions and rates in Daily Roaming destinations. Usual plan charges apply. A daily fee applies for each day you make/receive calls, send TXTs or use data in the Daily Roaming destination (valid until midnight NZ time), up to 90 consecutive days.

Roaming is DISABLED on all mobile phone plans by default, just call us before you leave the country to get it enabled.

Countries Included
Anguilla (4G), Antigua & Barbuda (4G), Argentina (4G), Aruba (4G), Australia (4&5G), Austria (4G), Barbados (4G), Belgium (4&5G), Bermuda (4G), Brazil (4G), British Virgin Islands (4G), Bulgaria (4&5G), Cambodia (4G), Canada (4G), Cayman Islands (4G), Chile (4G), China (4&5G), Colombia (4G), Cook Islands/Rarotonga (4G), Costa Rica (4G), Croatia (4G), Cyprus (4G), Czech Republic (4&5G), Denmark (4&5G), Dominica (4G), Dominican Republic (4G), Isle of Man (4G), Israel (4&5G), Italy (4&5G), Jamaica (4G), Japan (4G), Jersey (4G), Kenya (4G), Ecuador (4G), El Salvador, England (4G), Estonia (4G), Fiji (4G), France (4&5G), Germany (4G&5G), Ghana (4G), Greece (4G), Grenada, Guam (4G), Guatemala (4G), Guernsey (4G), Haiti, Hong Kong (4&5G), Hungary (4&5G), India (4G), Indonesia^ (4G), Ireland (4&5G), Latvia (4&5G), Liechtenstein (4G), Lithuania (4G), Luxembourg (4G&5G), Macau (4G), Macedonia (4G), Malaysia (4G), Malta (4&5G), Mexico (4G), Monaco (4&5G), Mongolia (4G), Montenegro (4G), Montserrat, Netherlands (4&5G), Northern Ireland (4G), Norway (4G), Panama (4G), Papua New Guinea (4G), Peru (4G), Philippines (4G), Poland (4G), (5G), Portugal (4G), (5G), Puerto Rico (4G), Qatar (4G), (5G), Reunion (4G), Romania (4G), Samoa (4G), Saudi Arabia (4&5G), Scotland (4G), Serbia (4G), Singapore (4G), Slovakia (4G), Slovenia (4G), South Africa (4G), South Korea (4&5G), Spain (4G), (5G), St Kitts and Nevis (4G), St Lucia (4G), St Vincent and the Grenadines (4G), Sweden (4&5G), Switzerland (4&5G), Taiwan (4&5G), Thailand (4&5G), Tonga (4G), Turkey (4&5G), Turks and Caicos Islands (4G), Uruguay (4G), US Virgin Islands (4G), USA^ including Hawaii and Alaska (4&5G), Vanuatu (4G), Venezuela, Vietnam (4G), Wales (4G).

* Data roaming terms and availability are subject to change without notice, although if any changes occur while you have roaming enabled, we will do our best to contact you and advise details of any changes.

^ If you are travelling to USA or Indonesia, please ask our team about the special conditions in relation to these locations.

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