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VoIP phone service FAQ's

What are the 5 cent per minute calling groups?

To view calling groups click here.

What are the national and international toll call rates?

To view toll rates click here.

Can I use my existing phone with Netspeed?

Yes, you can use your existing analogue phone to connect to a Netspeed ATA that is connected to your broadband service.

Can I bring my current phone number to Netspeed?

Yes, as long as it is still connected with you current provider.

To arrange this, you just let us know the following info so we can move your number to Netspeed:

  • Who is your current provider
  • What is your current account number with the provider
  • The name of your account
  • What you would like done with any attached lines or services on your account

Please note that moving your number to Netspeed incurs a \$20 one off cost.

Will my Netspeed service work if there is a power cut?

Your Netspeed VOIP phone service requires power to work (your broadband connection and PC will not function without it).

Can I make 111 calls on Netspeed?

Netspeed VOIP does not support emergency calling. However if you do make a 111 call it will connect if possible but the operator will not know your physical location.

It is also important to note that if there is a power cut your broadband connection and PC will not function and no calls will be able to be made.

Can I use my Medical Alarm Service on Netspeed?

No. Medical alarm services eg St John Alarm services, must not be used on the Netspeed VoIP phone service.

Can I run my home alarm or sky digital on Netspeed?

Netspeed do not currently provide support for home alarms or services such as sky digital.

How much of my broadband data cap is used when I make VoIP phone calls?

VoIP calls use 50 to 125 MB per 100 minutes calling time depending on which codec the connection is made on (our setup auto switches between the 711 & 729 codec's).

For more info click here.

How many phone numbers can I have with Netspeed?

You can have as many phone numbers as you like on a Netspeed account.

To purchase additional phone numbers please contact us.

Can I make calls to 0900 numbers?

No, calls to 0900 numbers are not currently available.

How many simultaneous calls can I make through Netspeed?

Up to six simultaneous calls can be made on each Netspeed number although you may need additional Netspeed ATA devices to be able to do this.

What is a Netspeed 028 number?

A Netspeed 028 number functions like a mobile phone number. It costs the same rate to call it no matter where you are in New Zealand.

Calling an 028 number from another Netspeed phone will be free of charge - since all Netspeed plans allow "Unlimited Netspeed to Netspeed calling".

The cost of calling an 028 number from a non-Netspeed phone will depend on the Telco that the originating call comes from (usually equivalent to calling a NZ mobile phone).

If I want to set up my own VOIP phone/device what are the Netspeed settings that I will need?

For many devices the only (or most important) settings you need are:

  • Sip Server: voip.netspeed.net.nz
  • Outbound Proxy/Proxy Server: voip.netspeed.net.nz
  • SIP user ID: (your Netspeed phone number)
  • Authenticate ID: (your Netspeed phone number)
  • Authenticate Password: (your Netspeed VOIP password)

Other settings you may need are:

  • IP Address: Use DHCP
  • Voice Codecs available: iLBC,G729,GSM,PCMA (alaw), PCMU (ulaw)
  • Video Codecs available: H.263,H.264
  • Voicemail user ID: *55
  • STUN Server: should not be required

Is there a Smart Phone App or Soft Phone software I can use with my Netspeed VoIP phone line?

Yes there are third party Smart Phone Apps and Soft Phone software that you can use with your Netspeed VoIP phone line.

For more info on softphones click here.

How do I publish my Netspeed number in the NZ White Pages?

Each customer is entitled to one free listing per street address

Your Free listing is:

  • Name or Business Name
  • One Address (This can be street or postal)
  • One Phone number

To send us details of what you would like published in the white pages click here.

Additional Entries to listing are at customers cost. This is anything from another number/address/website/email address etc

Cost varies depending on which directory they will be featured in (this is due to difference in distribution costs)

How do I contact Netspeed for information or support?

The preferred method of contacting Netspeed for support is by email, since we can keep historical information about each customer on our systems, for our regional contact details click here.

You can also call us on 0800 NETSPEED (0800 638 773). If you cannot get through to a team member then please leave a message with our answering service and we will return your call.

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