What are the costs for calls and other items not included in my mobile plan?

For calls, TXT's and other items outside your basic plan price please see details below.

Capped 300 Rates  
NZ calls after 300 minutes $0.49 per min
AUS calls after 300 minutes $0.49 per min
International Rates  
UK, IRE, US, CAN $0.70 per min
Everywhere Else (Excl. Scott Base) $1.42 per min
Other Rates
Roaming (For more information head to our Roaming page) $8 per day
MMS to NZ  $0.21
MMS to AUS  $0.52
SMS (Not included in plan allowance i.e short codes) $0.21 per sms
Short Codes  
Default NZ   $0.47 per min
*555, *2000  $0.47 per min
018 Directory $1.05 per min
083210 Spark answerphone $0.12 per min
642409 Scott Base $1.72 per min
0168 USA Freephone 1800 $0.70 per min
GlobalStar $4.10 per min
Inmarsat/Iridium $11.69 per min

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