What is a standard 5GHz wireless broadband installation?

Our standard installation prices include

  • Pre-sales site assessment.
  • Mount a standard radio receiving subscriber unit (antenna) on an existing aerial pole on a low pitch single story rooftop.
  • Running up to 10 mt of cable to connect the subscriber unit (antenna) to the Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply:
    • cables are fitted in a secure manner.
    • cables are fitted either inside or outside the building as required and externally ie standard install does not include running the cable in the walls.
    • the cable entry point through the roof or wall is sealed to ensure a waterproof entry point.
  • Installing the PoE unit for the radio receiving unit, this is a small unit that plugs into your power multi-box or wall socket.
  • Installing a network cable (up to 1 mt), if required, to connect the PoE unit to the wireless router.
  • Configuring the wireless router to run on the Netspeed network.
  • Configuring the wireless router to transmit a password protected wireless signal around your home.
  • Connecting one computer by network cable (up to 1 mt) or up to 4 wireless capable devices to the wireless router (computers not supplied although if required we can supply and price these as an extra).
  • Configuring one computer to send and receive POP3 mail on the Netspeed network (if required).

Hardware kits

All Antennas, Radio Receiving units, Wireless Routers and other hardware required to complete your installation will be included in the hardware pricing portion of your installation quote.


If any extra parts/labour are required in addition to the items noted we will endeavour, where possible, to provide you with pricing and details of this prior to commencement of the installation. Please note that mileage charges may apply for installations outside your local installers metropolitan area.

What do you need to provide

For us to complete a standard install you will need to have available:

  • a suitable existing antenna pole (or we can supply one charged as an extra).
  • a spare working 240 V power outlet.
  • a multi plug outlet box and a power surge protection device (or we can supply a surge protected multi plug outlet box if required and charge this as an extra).
  • a suitable network card, or wireless receiver, installed on each computer (we can supply and install network cards and/or wireless receiving units if necessary and price these as an extra).
  • if your property is a rented premises then you may need to obtain approval from the building owner for us to install a antenna mounting pole and create a cable entry point into the building.

General payment terms

  • Installation Fees to be paid within 7 days of completion of installation.
  • Payment for any Equipment supplied is due within 7 days of delivery.
  • Monthly payments are due in advance by direct debit.

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