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VoIP faxmail service

Every Netspeed customer can get their own free fax number to send and receive faxes without the need of a fax machine!

The service works by delivering copies of faxes sent to your number as an email attachment to your Netspeed registered email address.

You can also send faxes out to normal fax machines anywhere in the world by sending an email with a recognised attachment to the Netspeed faxmail service.

Receiving a fax using Netspeed's faxmail service:

  1. If you haven't requested a Netspeed fax number yet then you can add a fax number to your account now by contacting us. 028 fax numbers are free of charge, whereas local/regional fax numbers you must pay for.
  2. Once you have a fax number on your account you can login to your Netspeed fax account at http://voice.netspeed.net.nz. You should then see "Fax Settings for" your number.
  3. The most important settings for fax delivery are in the "Fax Delivery Options" section. Here you can choose which email addresses will receive inbound fax attachments and the format you prefer the faxes to be delivered as. By default faxes will be sent to your primary email address that you used to sign up with Netspeed and attachments will be in PDF format.

Note: Unless you are going to connect a physical fax machine up to Netspeed you do not need to worry about the diversion timers etc. as all of your inbound fax will immediately be delivered to faxmail. In the settings you can also blacklist anonymous fax callers or individual numbers or temporarily make your fax number unavailable.

Sending a fax using Netspeed's faxmail service

  1. Sending a fax involves you setting up a few settings first. First ensure that you have signed up for a Netspeed fax number following steps 1 and 2 above in the "receiving" section. Then login to your Netspeed fax account at http://voice.netspeed.net.nz and bring up your fax settings for your number. Next click on "Faxmail Sending Options".
  2. In the Faxmail Sending Options page you can specify which email addresses are allowed to send faxes via this number. You can enter multiple email addresses here. If you do not enter the email address(es) correctly then faxes will not be allowed to be sent from these email addresses.
  3. You can also specify how many times Netspeed should retry sending a fax and the number of minutes to wait between retries. If you wish you can also request that all fax messages should include a fax verification passphrase in the Subject line for added security. This can be any phrase and the system will check that this phrase exists anywhere in the Subject header when accepting a faxmail.
  4. Now the system has been instructed to allow faxes from your email address(es) you simply attach your document to an email. Documents can be in PDF, Postscript (.PS) or TIFF formats. Most computers should allow you print your document to a Postscript file by ticking the "Print to File" box when printing your document. This will create a .ps (Postscript) file which you can then attach to an email and send to the Netspeed faxmail service.
  5. One you have attached your PDF, PS or TIFF file, your email should be sent to the phone number@fax.netspeed.net.nz. For example if you wanted to fax the document to 099749000 you would send the email to 099749000@fax.netspeed.net.nz. You can fax the document to multiple fax numbers by simply adding multiple recipients" to your email.
  6. Once you are ready, then hit Send and your attachment should be sent to the phone numbers specified as recipients. Our Netspeed faxmail service should send you an email when the fax has been sent confirming the delivery and details. You will also receive an email with the relevant details if the fax fails to be sent for some reason.

If you are having problems sending or receiving a fax then please ensure that the other fax machine you are sending/receiving from is switched on and working correctly.

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